abc by father’s day

It was on Father’s Day that we announced we were having a baby, and now it’s on Father’s Day that our Sweetie will wake up in her new “big girl room.” The room got its (almost) final touches this morning when I put up the blinds. This evening I disassembled the crib in the nursery and reassembled it in her new bedroom (at her request). She seems to be excited about the prospect of sleeping in her “big girl bed”, but for now is content to slumber in her crib in her new room – still referred to as her “pretty room.”

It was almost 11 months ago that my wife and I moved out of our small bedroom to what was technically the master – temporarily, or so we thought. We’d grown tired of the white walls and ceiling, bought some deep red paint, and planned for a faux leather treatment under the new chair rail with matching craftsman-style plate rail. However, we found ourselves happier in the master, and our plans for a cozy, romantic little space evolved into our daughter’s step up from the nursery into her own big girl room. A year later, while we’re still facing white walls while, our daughter sleeps soundly surrounded by her happy and warm Salmon Berry walls.

We chose the peachy/light-orangey color and trimmed it with crisp white. I’m generally opposed to painting wood – I’d rather stain or poly it to bring out the natural beauty. But paint was the right choice here. The failing popcorn ceiling came down, and a nice, warm, beadboard went up, albeit very slowly. In terms of decorating, my wife had the idea (brilliant, in my opinion) to put up artwork by well known artists – art that we would change out every year or so, to start educating her in the world of fine arts. Some children have Winnie the Pooh or other contemporary, popular characters. We’re starting our daughter out with Fauvist artist Raoul Dufy. She sees pretty, almost abstract, colorful flowers, we see her broadening her horizons beyond “Dora” or “Blues Clues”.

So, a last minute push today has our Sweetie’s room “All But Complete” (ABC). The room is furnished and liveable, it’s just missing a closet bar and door. It also needs a couple of finishing touches to a second closet I built in a previously unused space. (Yes, she’s two years old and already has 2 closets. Mommy has a walk-in, and daddy has a mere 3 feet of closet space in the eaves).

I’m thrilled with how the room came out. It seems so much bigger now that it isn’t filled up with a queen sized sleigh bed. We’re also excited to have her nursery room back – it’s spent the past year filled with furniture, tools and Lord-knows-what-else, along with, of course, her crib, bookcase and other typical nursery-type furnishings. We haven’t figured out the plan to officially take back that space yet, but it won’t be long before we come up with something, inevitably turning that part of the house back into a disaster area. In our 3+ years here, we’ve always managed to keep at least 1 room a total disaster area. But we’re inching ever closer towards a house full of livable space.

This year my Father’s Day gift isn’t just a new room for my little girl, but the completion of a project nearly one year in the making, along with some well deserved rest, and free time to spend with the family!


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