under the table?

My latest project. What I’ve been working on during my Monday nights (away from my sweetie) at “school.”

(an extended version cross-over post from my other blog).

Class ended last week. 10 of us (or so) designed and built tables from scratch. With access to a great wood shop, we basically had enough time (and plenty of instruction) to transform a car load of rough lumber down to the component parts (legs, aprons and tops) so that we could (hopefully) glue up in class, and finish (literally) at home.

My classmates – 20, 30, 40 and 50+ somethings put together a great variety of side, end and console tables out of cherry, maple, mahogany and poplar. Some with drawers, one with a granite top and one student actually made a bed. (Well started anyhow – the most ambitious project of the group). As far as the tables went mine was the largest. We were allowed to, but all thought better of attempting dining room tables, being “beginners” and all. Happy that I was able to fit the glued-up top, and rest of the components in the back of my car.

I wrestled the top down into the basement and sanded it smooth this morning. The legs need a little more attention and then it’ll be ready to finish and assemble. Then it’s on to the stools/chairs. Photos to follow.

The table is hard maple, the top is 3′ square, 42″ off the ground. A high-top pub style table loosely inspired by one my wife and I saw in a catalog. (Ironic that she wanted one being 5′ tall herself.) This will be perfect for coffee, or playing scrabble.

Today she just pulled out the all-time high score 408 to my 302. Our last (and only) over 400 game to date was my 405 to 231 victory. As you can imagine I’m eager for a re-match and I’m counting on the “home table” advantage.


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