all finished

My latest project, 10 weeks of Monday nights (away from my sweetie) at “school,” followed by weeks of sanding, several coats of varnish, more sanding up to 2000 grit sandpaper (nearly as smooth as regular paper) and a layer of wax later gives us a nice game/breakfast/pub table…. once again my little girl can stand up under the table without bumping her head.

Original post, with some more info here.

Once the table was done, I banged out a quick bench for the entryway in a few hours out of reclaimed bits of the house – a brand new “antique!” Built mostly out of old shelving from my daughters closet – salvaged back when I renovated her room and put in a second clothes rod. Her new favorite place to sit – interestingly it’s as long as she is tall. She fits perfectly when she lays down on it.

Next, (I think) I’m going to take a log off the firewood pile, and turn that into something… I’ll document the process when I do.

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