happy birthday Dad

My latest project this week, a gift for my dad (plans courtesy of Lowes – they just opened up a new store nearby!)

This combination mini work bench, tool tote, step stool, and great place to sit and have lunch – is sure to come in handy on the job or around the house, now that he’s in his second year of working for himself as a home renovator, landscaper and all around handyman.

Per the plans, I made this out of Birch plywood and poplar, I also embellished it by making my own plugs out of maple to hide the screw heads. I love the pattern of the woodgrain, and I’ll be proud to have this ‘on display’ toted to and from the jobsite, bespeaking confident craftsmanship.

If I had my druthers (and a little more time) I’d have taken steps to hide the plywood edges. But then again, that might make the evoke a sense of fine furniture, and diminish its usage, if only from an unconsious desire to ‘protect it’. This is a piece of furniture meant to be used and abused… better that It looks the part, and avoid suffering a similar fate to the wooden bowls and the like sold at fine craft fairs – only to spend their remaining days on a display shelf, lest they be ‘ruined’ from actually being used for what they were made for in the first place.

I’m very pleased with how great this came out, (and how little waste there was from the project materials list – a very well thought out project indeed). I intend to make another one (or two) for myself, but I’ll use whatever scrap wood I have laying around for mine… they won’t be leaving the basement.

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