prelude to a lamp

I started making a table lamp out of a three inch diameter piece of lilac (deadwood) I saved after giving the overgrown lilacs in the side yard some much needed attention. (Ok, it’s tecnically the neighbors, but it was between owners at the time, and the former were decades beyond giving up on the house and yard.)

I drilled a 1/2 hole through the approx 1.5′ piece last weekend, and proceeded to remove the stringy bark and soft outer layer of wood.

Some improv tools, utility knife, sharpened paint scraper, etc… got me started. I ordered, and just received a “new” old spokeshave in the mail yesterday (ebay), that and a borrowed drawknife should serve me much better.

These 2 pieces are from the same (I hesitate to say) log, the root ball is just off the right edge of the photo, I may do something interesting with that later.


One thought on “prelude to a lamp

  1. my gf and i want to homestead so we are looking into all the things that we need to do. i am looking also into plans to build a house the old way. if anyone has ideas please share them.

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