lilac lamp – evolution

With knife, chisel, paint scraper and rasp I’ve removed the outer bark of my piece of lilac and attempted to define the lamps overall shape. Then I moved forward with my random orbit sander. 60 grit made some quick work of the dry wood. I suppose I should have started there.

Initially, I tried making a drawknife out of a broken saw blade, and my “new” old spokeshave (e-bay) didn’t help out so much either. So, I placed an order for a new drawknife with my friend Joe at Cabaup Knife and Tool up in the North Country. The next lamp (I have another great piece of Lilac with the rootball attached) will come together much easier.

Back to the lamp at hand… and the challenges of designing on the fly. I spent the weekend debating the base. Pedestal base, legs or wall mounted? Should I try to find some matching wood? Dare I cut up the other piece I’m saving? I like the idea of keeping to the one species – what else would go so nicely with the light browns, swirled with oranges, darker browns and purple?

The lamp will be fairly tall, but I don’t like the idea of cutting this down to 2 smaller lamps, so while distracted with other things, the answer revealed itself. It might be ambitious, certainly something I’ve never attempted, but I’m excited to give it a go, and see where it takes me.

I’m going to split the bottom portion of the log lengthwise into 3 or 4 segments (like peeling a piece of string cheese) and then figure out a way to bend these sections into legs. Thereby shortening the piece slightly and solving how I’m going to keep it upright. I might take it one step further into the mixed-media realm, and have the legs straddle a rock from the yard, adding some weight and interest to the piece.

Design problem solved. Now, onto figuring out the logistics.

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