Eccentric, with a little bit of whimsy

my second, more fruitful attempt at multiple centers. This has three. Thanks to Andi Wolfe for some great insight into the process.

I did have some trouble with this piece, more to do with the wood (old maple) than my tools, I think. My chisels were sharp, but I was having a hard time getting them to cut cleanly. I wasn’t catching, and the wood didn’t seem punky, but I guess it did have softer spots that cut/tore down very quickly. I ended up forming this mostly by scraping with a gouge and skew. Non-traditional? Probably. Miguided attempts of a novice? Undoubtedly.

What I’m happy about though, is that I’m trying to incorporate a sense of humor, if not a little bit of whimsy and some personality in my work. A holdout from my years doing comic strips no doubt? I think I’ve got a good start here.

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