song in the tune of Monty

(as in Python, not Full)

Oh, I’m a lumberjock and I’m okay…

I joined Lumberjocks this week – an online community of woodworkers (professional and amatuer) from all parts of the globe – where we can post pictures of our projects and share our work. Basically, we get what we’re missing down in the shop (those of us who work and tinker alone, that is).

There are forums, links to blogs, profiles, individual and public galleries to best show off our wares, and most importantly, the opportunity to give and receive feedback, provide tips, encouragement, and participate in an ongoing dialog with other practicioners of our craft.

I’m very happy to have found these online brethren (and sisthren – if that’s even a word). To date, apart from a couple classes and documenting things here, I’ve been pretty much going about things alone. Wisdom gleaned just as much from trial and error… as from the pages of all the woodworking magazines at Barnes and Noble (while I enjoy a Mocha or Frappucino in the cafe, on my lunch break from beng a graphic designer).

I posted my first project (literally) to my online gallery space – out there and ready for viewing, comments and voting! Normally the projects with the most votes get featured more often in the public gallery space. However, now we’re having our own little contest… wherein the top 3 at the end of the summer will get a years worth of inspiration and how-to showing up in the mailbox – in the form of a woodworking magazine subscription – winners choice.

Like what you see? Sign up, and vote. Share what you’ve done, and spread the word!


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