T-shirts and travelin’

My renewed passport arrived in the mail this week. Didn’t really need it for our upcoming cruise this fall, but I’m told it will simplify things. Also, given our relative proximity to the Canadian border, it will surely come in handy before our next “big vacation” – Not that plans are in the works… but I like to keep my options open.

Now I can get outta Dodge… and get some fancy digs to boot. One part of travel is shopping for souvenirs. Sometimes it seems like an excuse – after all, you don’t go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Paris (on Easter Sunday) for a burger lunch without getting the obligatory t-shirt.

Still, apart from school track meet shirts, some of my best apparel has come from vacations. Since I’m no longer on the track circuit – and most of my vacation planning of late involves some degree of home renovation – my weekend wardrobe is somewhat lacking. Hmmmm – how nice it would be to have some swanky T’s advertising my newfound woodworking passion….

Enter Cafepress.com. Popular Woodworking Magazine recently announced their own T-shirts available through this site. Enough to get me to look, but also wish for more diverse offerings.

Being a graphic designer by trade, it didn’t take a second for me to realize I now have a powerful new tool. And endless supply of whatever I feel like putting on my back – without all the clean up!

I dug deep into my ‘box of ideas’, and whipped out something I’d be happy to wear myself.

Oh, and if anyone else would like to buy one, (long sleeve, short sleeve, early Christmas present?) that’s cool too. My work here is done.

I should have known that reducing my (paid) hours as a graphic designer, and adding more time in carpentry and woodworking would have me reverting to design as my new hobby of choice. My wife already has me working up a design for the spina bifida community. Then, I’ll be offering some other designs themed to my other blogs in the coming weeks. (All the while I’ll be dreaming up some more to offer up here.)

Well, at least everything’s inter-related, for a creative’s work is never done.

By the way, my wife gave me one from Cafepress recently, (Hanes tagless) and it survived the wash just fine, so I’m happy with the quality. I just ordered one of these for myself.

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