I love the beech

A beech ball, and cone? Oh the potential summer puns!

Now that it isn’t 90+ degrees in the basement, I finally spent an hour or so turning after my daughter went to bed. Tried my hand at some of the beech I liberated from my father-in-laws woodpile this evening – from a tree taken down not 10 miles from my house!

Turns and carves like a dream – glass smooth – and such a nice coffee color (a cross between a latte and ice-cream). I know it’s thought of as a mere utility wood, old school chairs and so on, but with about a cord worth of branches and logs to turn… I think I’ve found my new (practice?) wood of choice.

I wonder how large a “beech ball” I could make?

The inset photo is as far as I could take it before it started wobbling (the whole bottom portion was mounted way off center). The other photo is after cleaning off the bark and top end. This woos carves so nice too – perhaps I’ll use some of this for my first couple attempts at a carving a ball and claw foot.
(The other turnings, left to right, poplar, maple, lilac, merani, then birch and maple, or vice versa).


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