never paint on an empty stomach

It took me just under a year to (nearly) finish my daughter’s bedroom. Half a day to tear it down to the studs (and ceiling joists), a week to put in new windows, insulation and drywall, and the rest of the year to install the beadboard ceiling, lights, crown moulding and pick a paint color.

We had the room all planned out to be the master bedroom, but we decided to stick with the (larger) room we “temporarily” moved into. We loved how her room came out; however, we’ve been less than thrilled with our digs.

Yesterday, my dad came over to help me install our new windows (a much needed project that we kept putting off.) Nothing fancy – just ones that actually open! So, having cleared out the room in the process, my wife and I decided that, at the very least, we pick up a can of paint and stop waking up to white walls.

Off to Lowes, just to grab some paint chips and begin deliberating. Our bedroom set is cherry, and I figured I’d trim the windows in cherry to compliment (or rather stained poplar, as I’d seen in a magazine – supposed to be a near perfect stand in). What would go with that, and stay in keeping with the autumnal color scheme we’ve brought into our 1880’s farmhouse?

We found ourselves looking at deep, rich colors. And, surprisingly, we were in close agreement on what we were attracted to. The contenders: Chocolate Kiss & Chocolate Pudding, with Spiced Wine and Chocolate Curl as fallbacks. (yes all brown). We brought these home, and quickly agreed that Chocolate Pudding looked best with our furniture. That was too easy.

Now, I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t like to paint wood. I’d prefer stain, or a natural finish. But when my wife mentioned that a white, or off white trim would look better, I tried to argue, but knew she was right. We chose Sugarcane. (Yes, I ignored any non-food named whites on purpose.)

The last time we did a dark color in this house – also a food name by the way (cranberry zing) – we did 7 coats, and still had trouble with the old wall color bleeding through. I blame the tinted primer (and not mixing it properly). This time we were going to do it right – and much faster. So, I had the primer mixed to match the paint, The first coat wasn’t pretty, but after two coats, things are looking nice and uniform. Rich and upscale.

Cherry, chocolate pudding and sugarcane – Looks so good you could eat it! It’s going to be both fabulous and delicious!


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