thanks for looking!

While I may not be winning (or even in close contention for the Summer Woodworking contest)… I did move into the top spot this week in one category – most views for a project. Edging out many that have been up for weeks, if not months, longer.

Am I gloating? Bragging? No. Just marking the moment. (Full disclosure – I’m actually tied with one of John’s Extreme Birdhouses, but something in the tallying algorithm switched our photos today… so I’ll enjoy this brief moment – for what it’s worth.) There are dozens, if not scores, of better projects worth checking out, and worthy of winning the contest.

I’m just happy to be in such talented company. Happy that my fellow Lumberjocks have taken the time to check out my work, offer positive critique and encouragement, and let me know I belong.

Nice to know all those hours in the shop, and commuting to/from class (1 hour each way – after working full-time) was time well spent.

In case you haven’t seen the latest issue yet, Lumberjocks was mentioned in the pages of Popular Woodworking’s latest issue – they were teasing their online review… but this will no doubt drive some more traffic, and hopefully new members our way!…

As for the review of my woodworking/lumberjack themed T-shirt over at cafepress. (Plug plug) – Just received it in the mail. My design pushed the limits detail, and small text wise, but it looks good, better than what I was expecting. Oh, and it held up to the wash beautifully. I’ll be happy to wear it, but I’m going to tweak the colors a bit, and bump up the text a little. I’ll post/advertise when the design is ready for public consumption – and add a couple more options (shirts, mugs) to boot.

2 thoughts on “thanks for looking!

  1. I really like how this contest is being done. no “judges” simply one woodworker complimenting another. You’re doing really well, and as I’ve said I really look forward to seeing your progression as we both get a few more years and projects under our belts!

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