le t-shirt est arivee!

As previously teased, the latest fashion isn’t from Paris, New York or Milan. But rather from ME (via the good print to order folks at Cafepress).

The Lumbersnacks Cookie T-shirt (mark 2). I cleaned up the graphics and fixed the text from the original. It’s just as clever and funny (and a little pun-ny) as the original. I’m very happy with how well this came out. And you will be too!

The text reads: Lumbersnacks, slice and bake cookies. Apple, butternut, sugar maple, walnut and chocolate chip! (click to enlarge)

Now available in long or short sleeve – A great gift for your favorite woodworker or lumberjack, (wink, wink).  Little girl and glasses not included.


4 thoughts on “le t-shirt est arivee!

  1. Thanks for the interest!

    The long sleeves are $22 for small-XL, $25 for 2 & 3XL. Hanes Beefy T’s.

    The short sleeves versions are $12 – front image only on a lighter weight shirt, or $17 for a pre-shrunk hanes tagless! I love mine! The short sleeve is for the shop, the long sleeve one is for going out on the town!

    Cafepress handles all the order processing details. Drop me a line if you have any other questions they can’t help you with.

    https://www.cafepress.com/snbcreative for more info or to order!

  2. I am very happy with the quality – the shirts and the printing. The direct printing method holds up to the wash perfectly. There is a transfer method as well but they claim it feels like an iron-on, and the color will fade somewhat.

    As a graphic designer, I expected that the colors wouldn’t quite jive with what I had on screen (and was right) so I adjusted the colors and tried again. Still not dead on, but I’m happy with it. My next few designs will likely have a smaller color palate.

    Definately a great service they are providing, since it’s too much work for one person to do invidual shirts for sale (or just to have). There are a couple other companies doing the same thing, none are cheaper, and most have fewer options for products. I like that they print on demand, handle the order processing, shipping and (hopefully no) returns.

    The only negatives is that they don’t offer as many color shirt options as one of their competitors, and I wish the base price was a little lower, so the shirts wouldn’t seem so expensive to my customers. I don’t have the heart to mark them up more than a couple bucks for my design. But it sure beats ordering 100, sitting on inventory, and hoping they sell. One nice thing though, is they tend to offer up a $5 off coupon for future orders (essentially free shipping).

    I have some more ideas that I’ll introduce over time. Glad to hear you’re going to be doing them too. Let me know if you have any questions or if you need a hand. Otherwise, I’ll be the first one to your store. I hope that some of our fellow Jocks will proudly sport our designs!

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