taking stock

What’s keeping me out of the workshop this week? – Fall in New England. The leaves are down (a lackluster year for foliage – might have had something to do with the abnormally large rainfall we’ve had this year?) and it’s time to get the house ready for winter. Dig out the snowblower, rake up the leaves and all that.

The problem though, half of my shed was chock full of lumber. Most of it was a mystery, but all of it was in the way of the yard and garden tools. Leftover bits from projects, salvaged trim from home reno, as well as few carloads worth of bounty from co-workers. Time to spend a Saturday clearing out the shed, building a lumber rack, sorting out what’s good, and relegating the rest to the firewood pile. (Need all the help we can get this year to decrease the dependance on oil.)

The before/during photo – The left is actually less bleak than what I was facing at 9am, as all the lumber was sorted out in the yard by the time I thought to dig out the camera. The portion on the right, formerly inaccessible, now is a nice lumber rack. Wood for turning on the bottom, (ash from my yard, maple from the neighbor) and I have since put up brackets made out of 3/4″pipe. A handy, and quick solution for the longer pieces that weren’t moving down into the shop (basement).

The bounty; plenty of plywood in various sizes, (pine, oak and birch), a considerable amount of clear pine 1x, in widths up to and exceeding 15″. also some wide salvaged tongue and groove knotty pine boards, and some greyed barn board. 1x and 2x stock good enough for jigs, Half a dozen pallets, now reclassified as firewood, and several panels of painted stockade fence still await below the shed for inspiration or deportation. Also have some large pieces of slate chalkboard, a couple dozen old windows (including storms and screens) to figure out something to do with… once I finally finish the yard (regrading/hardscaping… build a new shed/deck, etc… ) a greenhouse may finally come to fruition.

I’ve moved most of the smaller bits (anything too big/nice for the stove) down into the shop – Now I know I’ve got plenty of wood to get started on some Christmas projects, but now I have to straighten up the shop a bit to get around down there! What with all the “new” raw materials (and cobwebs from my recent absence) and all. Hope to make quick work of that, as I’ve got ideas for new projects I want to get started on.

Inventory and Fall clean-up, neccessary chores, though not neccessarily fun ones.


2 thoughts on “taking stock

  1. I spent over an hour in the workshop last night just cleaning… that’s got the be the worst part of woodworking. I seriously need to hook up some sort of vacuum system down there to cut down on some of this mess..

    I hate clean up. I’d rather be sanding.

  2. Actually I’m pretty good at moving things around and finding new homes for them, setting up a new organizational system, preparing for the next wave of projects as it were (and losing an entire weekend or two in the process) – Once I get sick a tired of steping around, though and over everything for the umpteenth time, that is. My problem is keeping things clean once they get that way. I can do it on the job site, in the classroom, just not my own home.

    The big problem (that better get rectified before Christmas -and likely again right after) is that my basement has never quite been totally cleaned in years. It’s come close twice. Alas, the mess just get re-relegated to some out of the way corner (until that corner becomes in the way and I have to start over).

    You hate cleaning more then sanding you say? Wow… that’s a new low.

    Fortunately for both of us the latest woodcraft flyer is offering up these vacuum power outlets, that’ll turn our existing shop vacs into an autmatic dust collection system – for pretty cheap, but alas they are already backordered!

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