Woodworking in a winter wonderland

Right about the time I signed up with Lumberjocks we had about 50 or so members, and we were on the verge of our first annual Summer Woodworking Contest. The prizes being offered at the time were subscriptions to the woodworking magazine of your choice. Soon enough however, our site was noticed by some of the national (or perhaps international) magazines and some how-to books/DVD’s were generously added to the prize table.

Having recently finished a pub table, I knew this is what I would be entering. In the end I was pleased with my ranking (as a beginner among seasoned amateurs & professionals). Despite being a small group, the talent pool was diverse, inspiring and, well… talented.

Now, here we are six months later (give or take) just having kicked off the Winter Woodworking Contest. (Wrapping up just in time to see what we’ve been making for Christmas!) I’m expecting a more intense (but just as friendly) competition this go-round. Membership has more than quadrupled, the pool of talent is even more diverse, yet still supportive and inspiring.

Do I have a shot at winning this time? Most creative? Best Craftsmanship? Maybe… but I’ll have to make something first.


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