New Year, old resolutions…

I’ve updated the projects list on my drawing board tab hopefully this will get all the old, and in-progess ones done, so I can start on the new ones guilt free. Rather than just plow ahead with the new and exciting, potentially leaving even more unfinished and hanging over my head.)

It has been quoted somewhere, that I’m so far behind, I can’t die. (perhaps I shouldn’t mess with a good system – karmically speaking or course.)

No, I’ll throw caution to the wind, and inbetween clearing out the attic, and spare rooms of things we don’t need, (check e-bay, or the swap table at the recycling center soon) I’ll get going on all those projects that have been incomplete for so long, I can no longer see them!


2 thoughts on “New Year, old resolutions…

  1. Hi Scott. Glad my mention of this prompted you to update the list. Which of my future projects had you intrigued? You might be able to influence me toward doing those earlier 😉

  2. I saw your link over on the lumberjocks sidebar, and was excited that I didn’t recognize it… happier still to have someone referencing me… only to realize that what was out of sight became out of mind. So being January and all, I’m getting everything there… I’m going to take it one step further and catalog (once and for all, rather than continue with the bookmark and forget it system) all the projects in books or magazines i’ve been saving for “someday.”

    So thanks for the nudge!,

    as far as your future projects go… being a middle ages buff, the crossbow caught my attention. I’ll pop over and comment there as to any others (slips my mind at the moment).

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