lilac lamp (part 3)

Finding some legs to stand on.

Quick update after such a long break from this project. As previously blogged, the lamp will indeed be made from a single piece of lilac with the lower portion divided into three legs straddling a stone.

Took months of on-and-off pondering, and some brainstorming, but now, having worked out the next few challenging steps, I can put the lamp back on.

Today I took my Dremel to the cracks and splits on one end (after finally deciding which end was up) and began to lay out the twisted lines (following the grain) defining the legs. I’ll need some new attachments that are up to this task – dividing half of a log into thirds on a spiral. Sure, I could have easily cut the base into quarters on the band saw, but I’m afraid I’d break the wood in the next step – steam bending!

So, while I have a sense of where I’m headed, I’m still letting this piece unfold and reveal itself to me. This is not the sort of thing that lends itself to prototyping, what with playing to the natural and unique aspects of the material and all.


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