lilac lamp IV – breakthrough

Last time I merely defined the legs (or let the crack and grain define them for me), twists and all. Today, armed with some new attachements for the Dremel I cut two channels clean on though to the middle, “freeing” one leg, and nearly completeing the third channel to free the other two. Apart from the wood on the surface, this is some nice, hard wood, and was putting up quite a fight, so this is the progress so far. The Dremel was starting to heat up, and I think I’ll need to figure out another way to go deeper on this part.

This was a fun phase to the project, not quite Zen, but I still got to lose myself in the process. This was especially nice after a frustrating morning of not being able to figure out what I wanted to do). I’m still recovering from a bizarre shoulder injury, and I had intended to work on some “spring” tongs for the kitchen. Partially to limit my work to the bandsaw, and partially to practice some steam bending, as that’s the next challenge for this lamp. But alas, I just couldn’t find the wood I wanted to use, and rather than waste time looking, or prepping some leftover maple or oak stock, I “lost” myself in the lamp. Remember – I’m letting this project shape itself, so I could almost mindlessly let the cutting edge fly – and by fly I mean walk back and forth in the channels – just so long as I kept it away from my hands.

Progress made, so now I can upgrade this on my list… and while I”m updating the list, (thanks to some pre-spring house clearing) I’ve got some new projects to add!?!?!

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