potential energies

Nothing much to report of late. I burned out my Dremel working on my lamp. I put it out to pasture. Contemplating if cordless is the way to go for the replacement.

Received a couple packages today as well. Some diamond sharpening stones for my bench chisels, and gonna try my hand at sharpening a table saw blade before I ship of a bunch for a real professional job (thanks to suggestions and a referral from my lumberjock brothers.

Also went for broke, and bought a “lifetime supply” of epoxy. Seen some neat ideas in turning magazines – pinecone vases, laminations, and so on, that the tiny sqeeze tube at the Big box store just doesn’t seem cost effective.

This, plus a trip out to the aforementioned big box store, filled my coffers with 3 orange plastic 6-in-1 screwdrivers destined to lose the orange handle for a nice wooden one, and I finally found some brass rod for the hinge mechanism for the kitchen tongs I’ve been longing to make for the kitchen.

Last weekend, I found a book featuring 21 different projects for box making, each more complex than the last. The objective of the book was to teach fundamental (and more advanced) woodworking skills through these projects.

So often I’ll put a project on hold while I seek out the parts I need to start (or in some cases finish) that by the time I get them, I’ve lost interest in the project. Or I can’t seem to find the plans! This weekends shopping ventures were successful in that I managed to get everything I need for a satisfying and relatively quick start-to-finish tomorrow, or in the coming week!

Small projects galors! Screwdrivers, tongs, boxes….  where to begin? If I get overwhelmed, I suppose I can always fall back on sharpening, now that I have something a little less intimidating than my (overpowered) grinding wheel. That’ll still make for a productive weekend.

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