could the list actually be shrinking?

I’ve been posting blogs and projects a bit more than usual over at Lumberjocks this March. Been getting things accomplished!

No, I haven’t started on my table for the contest yet, but I have cleared some things out of my way, and I’m making good progress (and learning a lot) in my self-imposed “box class”.

Rather than just copy and paste those LJ posts here and let them do double duty, (and allow anyone to comment here or there, without having to sign up if you’re NOT a lumberjock (and that’s OK). I’ll give a photo summary of what I’ve checked off The List in recent weeks.

A pair of oak tongs for my “artisan kitchen” 

Box number two in my 21 box series

A little something for the backyard wildlife to play on.

A couple more screwdrivers to replace the former one.

Actively in the works/or coming up next:

  • a couple woodworking themed T-shirts
  • Box number three in the series
  • the final trim carpentry on my in-laws porch
  • a steaming box for bending the legs on the lilac lamp.

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