April wrap-up

It seems that my blogging has exclusively, if unintentionally, moved over to lumberjocks. Rather than double dip, let me offer up a small glimpse (with lots of links) of what I’ve been up to.

In between long car trips to various jobs, (detouring statewide flooding) while listening to podcasts – wood related or otherwise – I’ve managed to get a few things out of the shop! I’ve been busy indeed!

I’ve begun the addictive process of making pens. Here are the first four I whipped out in about an hour Not counting the initial drilling and glue-up of the blanks.

Box number three in the series is done.

I also finished two of the boxes, and started playing around with the waterslide decals to make custom labels.

I got started on my entry in the Thorsen Table contest.

I also began the steam bending box for my lamp project… I also began brainstorming the video podcast to document the process! add that to the neverending to do list.

I’ve also updated the look and functionality of this site a bit, moving my blogroll to its own tab, and began cleaning up the sidebar – another one of those neverending virtual housekeeping tasks, that only succeeds in keeping me from giving the shop a cleaning up that is so long overdue.


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