summer fun

Oh it’s contest time again! If it’s not a winter contest, it’s the summer contest, hot off the heels of the impromtu Thorsen Table Challenge. How hot off the heels? The results have yet to be announced my the good people over at Popular Woodworking. At least I had one free weekend to rest comfortably knowing I just narrowly completed a great entry into said challenge.

Like so many of the others, I’ve recieved some great feedback, and no doubt shared many late nights in the shop. Toiling countless hours to make the final deadline. Which of course we were determined to make, we had a free magazine subscription waiting for us! Not that we’re in it for the prizes, it’s the challenge that inspires. If this wasn’t a contest, I’d never have made this table.

Oh what fun to be a lumberjock.

And this time, the prizes have really kicked it up a notch! (not that we’re doing it for the loot.) We’ve proven we’d spend hundreds of hours for a free magazine subscription. I’d prefer not to think of what those hours would be worth monetarily… but what i’ve learned, and what I’ve been able to create for the home… priceless.

We had a glimmer of what was to come. Actually getting to submit and later vote on some contest categories – one of the differences of the upcoming Summer contest – Rather than best craftsmanship and creativity. This time, like the Thorsen table challenge, we’ll be comparing apples to apples – well at least moreso than in the previous contests with tables against carvings against scupltures against walking sticks. We’ll be making something for the garden, and something using strictly wood joinery.

Having a few weeks to ponder categories (not knowing which they’d end up being) I’m actually entering this contest with a couple good ideas for one. Something that’s been on the drawing board for a couple years. Something I should have already made… fortunately for me the yard isn’t quite ready for all of them, so deciding should be pretty easy. Unfortunately for me, one of the requirements for my nest woodworking project will require plenty of digging in the dirt! Funny, after seeing all the LJ video shop tours, I don’t recall shovels being a common tool in any.

Step away from the nails and screws people, and put down the glue bottle.

Have fun and Good luck!


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