Cool T’s – mark II

To add a little variety to your woodworking wardrobe (if you’re feeling a little cheeky now that summer is here and school’s out) I now have 2 shirts available – and with the move over to – plenty of color and size options. Tee’s Tanks, baseball jerseys and even sleeveless.

The latest design for the offering features the Top Ten (Knotty) Woodworking Terms

Sure they sound naughty, and may raise an eyebrow to the shop outsider… but you can assure them that this is a nice simple (if not quite wholesome) list of terms dreamed up by our clean-living, church-going, God-fearing forefathers.

“The new store link”

Oh, the “cafepress store” will remain open for now if you’re jonesing for one of my, now infamous cookie shirts on a Hanes brand T-shirt.

So be the first person on your street, on your block, in your state! to sport one of these clever t’s designed by me.

Heck, order now, and you’ll be the only other person in the world to have one. Avoid the potentially embarrasing or awkward moments showing up at a party (or bbq) wearing the same thing as somebody else (that is unless I’m there 😉

I have a couple more designs on the drawing board, and will try to unveil one a month all summer long! Before too long, you’ll be styling all week – at least in the shop!

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