Been planning to make a trellis sculpture for the garden for quite some time… and the Summer LJ Contest provided the perfect excuse to finally get around to it… unfortunately life provided with plenty of excuses to put it off – which wasn’t part of the plan, luckily, I had a good show in the 11th hour, and with a little less than 24 hours to spare I’m done!

The largest turning project I’ve done to date by a staggering margin – 23.5 feet of lumber, all reclaimed pine, now living a new life – about to be taken over by the plant life, out in the garden. Mostly designed on the fly – but the legs are similar – save for the chess themed tops – a late in the game design inspiration… Oh did I mention that there is no glue, screws or any mechanical fasteners of any type either? Yep, wood, and nothing but wood… (in the form of reclaimed railings, and some vines)… soon nothing but wood, plants and (quite likely) spiders and bees.

Here’s the official entry in the contest, and some more of the background on the project.

and this crosses one more project off of The List

4 thoughts on “Check!

  1. Hey Scott, Is that pea stone area where it’s sitting new? Maybe I’ve just been there with snow on it? looks new to me.

  2. The stone is indeed new… was just soil previously (hidden by a staggering array of weeds and bulbs) most had been left there because at least they flowered… I’ve moved some of the tiger lillies, the periwinkle seems to have given up. everything else is gone, put in some apple gourds and sunflowers – anything else, save the lilacs of course, will go if ever it should appear! The stone seems to be helping keep the weeds down, makes it easier to walk on (the soil is really soft) and won’t attract bugs like mulch can.

  3. Nice pieces Scott. Wondering what you salvaged the pine from. Never done any turning myself. Would have thought pine too large a grain and the difference in density of the summer and winter growths would have made it difficult. I’ve carved but like I said, I have never turned. Maybe it’s time!

  4. – these are made from salvage railings. the house was built back in the 80s or earlier, so the wood was quite dry and turned pretty well. – even with being all finger jointed together…. had some splits or pieces break off with the tenons, though… all in all, good practice,.. not “fine furniture” by any stretch, but perfect to gray in the garden while the roses take it over (which they have a good jump on doing)

    give turning a shot – but it is addictive!

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