one down, infinity to go

Normally I’ll try to spend every possible weekend (outside of family committments, etc.) getting things taken care of. The first couple years in our house I’d put the tools away for Thanksgiving, and drag them back out as soon as the Christmas tree was down.

I’ve decided I wanted to relax all of November from now on, and by relax I mean make Christmas presents and other fun projects, not things that feel like work. We’ll see how that plan works out… but until then, I’m running out of daylight to get the house buttoned down for the winter.

Yay, cross one more item off The List. – I just finished replacing clapboards on three of the back basement walls yesterday, (after tearing out the old insulation, drywall, soft sheathing and rotted/missing sills). And all done right before the rain was supposed to start…

It had better start raining soon, I want to see some blue skies, and warm temps for Pumpkin Day!


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