The results are in, winter 2008

January was busy – conceptualizing my contest entry for the Lumberjocks 2×4 contest – which didn’t work out in the end.

I’m more encouraged by how my puzzle box fared.

This box, which I entered at the last minute because my 2×4 project went bust. Literally. I’ve since learned that you cannot bend softwoods, BUT a couple other jocks (winning 2×4 table, norwegian box) also threw conventional wisdom to the wind and were able to pull it off, so I’m encouraged to try again.

In a contest judged by its participants, I came in 14th out of 50. (almost upper 1/4!) Creativity and ingenuity bested a lot of other gorgeous projects by professional and amateur woodworkers.

I feel like I won.  Even though I didn’t come home with the granite topped bandsaw donated by Steel City Toolworks, or even a T-shirt. (That’s why I design my own.)

I’ve been noodling my follow up puzzles to this one – (whose parts were all made with only a hand powered miter saw and cordless drill) – and I’m excited to start working on those.


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