is it spring already?

Time away from blogging usually indicates that life is just getting too crazy – but it occasionally equals quality shop time, and for most of the winter, the latter has been true!

Lots of small projects, in the past couple months… and lots of nagging little things were taken care of on the random day (or week) off between jobs.

  • (nearly) completed the shop clean up
  • Sled for the tablesaw, and other assorted jigs – check!
  • … dimensioned the lumber for my next (long overdue) box project
  • Turned pens for the LJ swap, and to trade – check
  • …kept on turning pens – an addictive habit to break (anyone wanna buy some and keep my “habit” going strong?
  • Turned two bottle stoppers as gifts, and sold 4 more because of them
  • ripped out and rebuilt the (scary) basement stairs – check

…and consequently, the shop is no longer clean, busted (And unknowingly charred) stair bits are in the way, as is chips and curls from the lathe.

What a happy winters transition into spring it’s been on the woodworking front!


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