30 days, (and #31!)

30 day project/challenge & auction.

All thirty projects, plus a couple extras I did along the way!

Day 30
Composite Countertop Pen
Blood Orange

Day 29
Sassafras, Eurostyle.

Day 28
Platinum Spalted Maple Cigar

Day 27
Chic my Bic, part Deux. Mesquite.

Day 26
Bing Cherry and Pecan Pen

Day 25
Have yourself an eccentric little Christmas...
Osage Orange Root

Day 24
Two-Tone Bamboo Pen

Day 23
Maple Walnut Atlas

Day 22
Square maple dish

Day 21
oak mushroom box

Day 20
Desert Ironwood Bottle Stopper

Day 19
well, Chic my Bic

Day 18
Bubinga bottlestopper

Day 17
Rock Maple Pot Maker

Day 16
Extra Long with a Twist

Day 15
Composite espresso
small maple bowl

Day 14
Big leaf keep on turnin'

Day 13
Hey Macadamia, Nut.

Day 12
Atlas Robusta

Day 11:
Koa cigar pen

Day 10:
Monkey Pod

Day 9:
Mango Cigar

Day 8:
maple box (or bowls)

Day 7:
Georgia on my mind.

Day 6:
Cocobolo bottle stopper

Day 5:
Maple, Walnut and Cherry over wine!

Day 4:
Black Titanium Mesquite Eurostyle Pen

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