a knotty secret… contest.

We’ve had some horrible ice storm damage across NH and Mass. Even though the roads were clear, and we’ve had 50 degree days this week, schools have been closed, and will remain closed until after New Years! My little one won’t mind so much, but I feel for the High School juniors and seniors who won’t be getting much of a summer break at all.

Crews are still out clearing up storm damage, downed power lines and trees. Many, many trees are still hanging up in the power lines, which are either knocked out by the storm, or turned off for safety’s sake. Many communities still look like a war zone, others seem to have piles and piles of firewood stacked out front, whether they need it or not.

While you’ve got some down time, either because you’re out of school or work, or because you’ve got no TV – It’s all on the verge of re-runs anyhow – (and magically still have internet access and are reading this) or perhaps it’s summer where you are… Grab your chainsaw and find some horribly knotty piece of firewood, save it, and turn it into something great – you might just get some great new tools or accessories for your shop.

And if you incorporate a secret compartment, so much the better!

That’s right, I’m talking about this winters woodworking contest over at Lumberjocks. Contest runs throughout January, but why not start brainstorming now? You have finished making all your Christmas presents, right?



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