Off Center

I like asymmetry, and am particularly drawn to projects that do not appear to have been created on the lathe, and beg the question, “How did you turn that?”

These forms, are the result of experimenting with Therming. Turning one face of a piece at a time, around an axis that doesn’t pass within the form. Thus creating a multi-sided, yet still turned piece. Bedposts are a classic example, with rounded sides, but a clear vertical edge line where the faces meet.

The two smaller pieces are duplicates, created at the same time, while sandwiched around a carrier board serving as the central axis. These three forms are all the result of one turning session at the lathe. The largest piece, the carrier board, is actually scrap (beautiful maple scrap), but shows how thick the boards all started out as.

These don’t neccessarily serve any particular function and may continue to be experimented with. I was initially going for something fishy and ended up with this form. Something along the lines of an interstellar racer, perhaps. I quickly found the pieces losing mass as I went through the process of turning one face, detaching, flipping, remounting and turning the other side. Next time, I’l start with larger, if not longer boards. So much potential for interesting forms, bizarre chess pieces or the fanciest kindling you’ve ever seen.


One thought on “Off Center

  1. You’re pictures definetly look like woodworking art. I don’t think, that they have another function, but to please mind and soul by there bauty.

    I am personaly not an artist I am making my woodworking projects more practical like the woodworking furniture that i am just doing.


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