Out with the old, in with the,.. well,.. much older.

After the final phase of glue up for the legs, putting the top on was a piece of cake. Clamp, countersink, screw, (so it can be adjusted if ever necessary) and this puppy is ready for work.

Well, it’s ready for it’s close up,… then work (or play) depending on your perspective.

Goodbye workmate, Hello, nurse!

I left in that metal plate on the ends. For looks and added weight. Plus it makes a handy chisel holder!

As you can see by the outside pic, it is “portable” though somewhat heavy (just like the “mini” lathe perched on it.) Yes they can be moved… but it’s better to just leave them be. And while the feet are dead flat and level, the floor is not. Qu’elle surprise. So a teeny shim under one side of a foot is required, until I run out and get some rubber feet I can adjust.

I chucked up a small block and turned it on, and the lathe didn’t move at all. Put on this off balanced log and it did. SO, off with the rubber lathe feet and screwed it down with rubber washers and screws. Now, It cannot move!

Well, tell that to the entire stand on the smooth floor!… Vibration, and walking. (Even with me standing on the feet!)

Do I have to rethink the base? Weight it down with some ballast? Should this be dedicated to another tool, while I rethink the lathe stand?

OK, now think for a sec…. The workmate while sturdy, is certainly not nearly as rock solid as this is, and didn’t walk around at all, barely shook… What’s the difference? Ah, yes the rubber feet. Before I ran out to the BORG, I spotted a bit of leftover shelf liner, (or possibly the anti skid mat you put under a rug)

Cut it in strips, put that down, and rechucked up this off-balanced piece.

YES! No movement at all.

I’m already thrilled with this stand. Unlike the old bench:

(now my table saw’s outfeed table) I was using, I can get right up to this one. My feet fit under it, I can get in (safely and comfortably) from the side or the back when working on a bowl, or sanding. A nice, stout and good looking piece of shop furniture. Mostly handmade, entirely built from vintage lumber, for free! (well, not counting the glue and 14 screws)

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