Project 365, 2011 edition

New year, new projects and new ways to share. Twitter updates from the computer and phone have already (slightly) increased the activity here at my blog. Now that Christmas is unwrapped, the ghosts of Christmas presents present may reveal themselves without being spoilers. So I finally have fodder, if not the time, for some real posts.

But while you’re waiting for projects to be photographed and chronicled into the blogosphere, There is another bit of daily freshness in store. Cast your eyes a bit to the right….

I thought about doing a photo a day project last year. but with my old digital camera, the process still amounted to little more than “obligation blogging.” However, a mishap with the washing machine, and a new phone later, file sharing has become a one step process from anywhere in the world.

Will it be all woodworking related? No. But, hopefully things that are inspiring, creative, beautiful, interesting or clever.

Easier posting of photos directly into the sidebar – rather than a link in a twitter feed to provide a little more visual interest. And to provide a little more visual interest I have to get myself out into the shop more. Out in the woods more. Living life more. and thats not a bad resolution, is it?

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