I before my

Despite having a backlog of projects to share, now that Christmas has come and (long) gone, and not having the out of doors to lure me far afield, (thanks to the lovely twice as much snow as last winter) I find myself somewhat absent on the social media front. – at least as far as creating content goes.

Sure I’m attempting a photo a day challenge, (look rightward at yon photos there) and while most days its pretty much akin to “obligation blogging” (which, like Ogden Edsel sings, is not much fun.)

I’m still hoping that as the weather improves it will, ultimately, get me out doors more. Taking pictures of stuff out enjoying the sun, and as it gets hotter, the shade of the woods (whilst running and hiking) and or in the shade of the garage. With the garage door wide open turning and building an army of projects to post and share. Literally and digitally.

Wait. Didn’t I already say I have stuff to post? what gives?.. Well…

Over the past year, I’ve had a philosphical change in how I approach my creative work, and life. In the simplest terms – I come first. That is as in me. Physically. I’ve been envious of friends who so fiercely guard their free time, as I’ve been prone to over-commit, be generally available, or simply go where ever my muse takes me – regard for myself and sanity be dammed.

If I get a free day to myself. Lovely, glorious unplanned me time, I used to spend about as much of it in the shop as watching TV (stuff my wife doesn’t care to watch with me). At least that is how I’d HOPE to spend all that free time once all those pesky errands and the “have-to’s” got done…

Free time in the shop is still how I wish to spend any gift of “me time”… but I have to go for a run first. Or hit the gym. It’s easier to work a little sweaty, than to run all coated with sawdust, right? Get the have-to’s out of the way, and leave the rest of the day for play. (If and when I have the energy of course 😉 ) How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

I’m still working out the kinks of this line of thought. Me before my work. Though it does help for some easier decision making most days. – Go for a run post glue-up, or between coats of shellac. Otherwise, get the prep done tonight, so tomorrow I can hit the streets early and come back focused and get right to it.

Unfortunately, work and life seem to be getting in the way more than not lately.  Though that perception likely always seems more true than it is, for everyone. If work isn’t the problem, then the commuting is, But, at least that provides excellent time for inspiring podcast listening!)

My current focus on fitness does seem to get in the way at times. A grudging hour on the treadmill could be a productive, if not fun hour in the shop. But, it also probably freed me up even more, in a way… At least creatively. Plus, a grudging hour on the treadmill now, will soon give way to a pleasant hour in the woods. Spending time with the trees just makes me want to do so much more with them when I get home.

Apart from feeling better and sleeping better (I haven’t needed an antacid in over a year), and apart from the fact that my clothes are getting huge. (Wait, I have to pay to go to the gym AND buy more clothes? ..But I can eat cookies again? Cool.) I’m feeling more inspired. More creative. More capable…

..and more in need of time-management.

One step at a time. Going from feeling big and lousy, to having my wedding ring, literally, fall off less than one year later – without killing myself to get there is huge. Now that these habits have become just that, I can focus on getting back to making stuff. Being creative. Creating.

So that’s where I’ve been…. now lets see where I go!



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