Project 365, days 60, 61

As often as not, my photo a day project involves me asking my daughter to “do something” cause I need a photo. Sometimes the best laid plans (of mice and men) do work out, and inspiration appears earlier in the day, or,… When a sunny day aligns with a warm snap, a couple unplanned days off and a little motivation actually gets me out in the shop.

Motivation. Or would that be cabin fever?

Day 60:

Yesterday found me out enjoying time in the shop. Literally. Barely more than hanging out. A smidge of turning – great way to start the month off – followed by a bit of housekeeping. Nothing major, just some nice time soaking up the vibes in the well rested, no longer 42 degree space. Sitting on a stool and looking at the wood, and pondering where stuff could, or should go counts as woodworking, right?

Well, I took advantage of a beautiful day to shovel the snow blocking the garage door and actually open it – and let some warm air in. – after finishing the bamboo plate I started the day prior.

Having spent so much time last spring/summer laying out the shop and making a home for pretty much everything, made it quick and easy to put away months of accumulation and clear out 30 odd gallons of shavings and sawdust on the floor. A treacherous mountain had grown near the lathe, protecting it from all sorts of trouble, including elephant riding invaders!

It’s so nice to see the tablesaw unearthed, the drill press is cleared of gourmet hamster bedding and is much easier to access. A small pail full of “very small, but I can probably still find a use for them” bits of hardwood have been gathered from, and thus, freeing up the mitresaw, giving it some elbowroom.
Gonna be great to hit the ground running on upcoming projects!

Day 61:

Today, I got to confirm the table saw still works! (For what it’s worth. – barely more than a toy, very long in the tooth, only turns on out of habit, and won’t turn off. The specter of death is circling…. but for now, today at least. It’s alive and (seems to be) kicking.

Island bound!
for free!

I really miss the counter space of our old kitchen… acres of it. Despite the fact that most work was done on a 2×3 foot section of it. – we don’t even have that much now. Most of our work gets done on our temporary “island.” Read rolling (not functioning) dishwasher, and the top of an adjacent chest of drawers.

I’ve really wanted to upgrade this situation, but as we’re in a rental, I don’t want to do, or spend, much to alleviate this (hopefully) temporary inconvenience.

Poking around in the shop today, I found this pre-finished piece of oak ply. Perfect width. With enough extra length to make a lower shelf as well.  Salvaged balasters from an old reno will flip over to make great legs, and the aforementioned chest of drawers will all make for a nice, easy, functional kitchen island. A temporary fix, that won’t look like one!

Big improvement, zero coin.

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