p365 day 62

Sitting by the computer afterwork, wondering what I should get a photo of today. Wait a minute, is that still daylight out?

< beeline for the shop >

Last item off the lathe was a plate, lets go for a bowl this time. A Butcher Block Bowl – if only for the alliteration.

Ok… now where are those offcuts of maple butcher block anyway?

Cut a piece, roughly 6 x 1.5, drilled a mounting hole for the scroll chuck and away we go.

Mounted the block, mounted the same forstner bit in the tail stock for ease of flipping and remounting…

Steamy! For a dry piece of stock, the bit generated a lot of heat, and threw off a surprising amount of moisture. Look at that discoloration!

This block caused a fair amount of vibration. So to that end, and to save a little time and wear on my chisels, I removed the block, cut off the corners, remounted and got turning. Much more stable.

Bottom turned. Only had to sharpen the chisels twice. WAY more forgiving than the bamboo was the other day. Ready to flip and hollow out the inside… When the sun comes back up. It still is winter in the garage afterall.

No sanding yet. I managed to turn off all the rough spots. A first for me. One of the reasons I’m not normally fond of turning  maple. Another reason to quit while I’m ahead, and finish in the morning. (or whenever tomorrow’s peak temp is.)

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