day 63, camera phones eye view

Pardon the sometimes slightly out of focus glimpse of these little, teeny tiny bowls coming to life. It probably has more to do with the coating of dust on my face shield than all them mega pixels crammed into my pocket. (Which out snaps my first TWO digital cameras.)..

Anywho, My fellow lumberjock Karson sent me a lovely box-o-wood, and asked if I’d turn out a couple of cousins of this little beauty:

Click for details: Mesquite Bowl with Walnut and Cherry Stripe

We’d both figured these would come up as projects in my “next” proverbial 30 projects in 30 days challenge. But lo, packing up house and shop, moving, unpacking, and opening up my mind to the changes, opportunities and differences of going from a low basement to a garage space kinda filled my dance card for more weekends than I care to admit. (That and a 55 – 60 degree basement was a far cry more conducive to winter woodworking than a sub 40 degree outbuilding.) Anyhow, sunlight is getting noticably longer. Snow seems to be melting, and the work crunch that killed my fall, has transitioned into free time this winter.

Ok, all that said (which should have been saved for the final project post or,.. whatever….)

It took me a bit of time to get back into the headspace that created the first of my mini bowls – MUCH smaller than a ramekin. And in true Lumberjock fashion, I spent that “leaning curve time” on the actual project itself.

I had already glued up the blanks for these bowls, two different “5 layer sandwiches” three stripes of Cherry & Walnut or Yellowheart & Pink Ivory between the “bread” of some lovely maple burl.

First up, was to glue the block onto a sacrificial backer block. Superglue makes quick work, and if you turn the outside, with the tail stock applying clamping pressure, you don’t even need to wait for the glue to dry to get it from square to round…

Give it a little time before you back off the pressure to finish the bottom.

Turned. Sanded. Ok now to flip.

How did I recenter the previous bowl? It was attached to a glue block, that I remember. It’s too small for the scroll chuck…

< think, think, think >

OH! I remember. I turned the inside AND outside of the bowl with only the foot mounted to the glue block. Backwards, in a way, but quick and easy. NO FLIPPING!

Hmmm… < think, think, think. >

Voila. Attach another glue block on the tail side, before I remove the bowl. and turn that down to a tenon to recenter it from.

then flip

and hollow,

pop it off, and sand the bottom clean.


next to a 3/4 inch chisel for scale

Ok, that worked, but was several steps longer than it needed to be.

So I grabbed the next block, and decided to see how much easier things would go for the next bowl.

a couple minutes later. Resharpening my chisels and a bit of sanding, the outside was done, and I was ready to turn the middle… Much better.

Now, to take out the real camera, tripod and MACRO setting to get some good project pix.


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