will I keep turning, on day 64

Another nice warm day, some nice warm time in the shop, picking up where I left off yesterday…. And playing around with some new ideas a bit. But that’s another post.

backtracking a bit into yesterdays post…

The glue holding the glued-up glue block (that lasted several previous turning sessions) gave up yesterday (right about the time my toes did) – meanwhile the minutes old glue line held just fine. Sometimes super glue is super. Sometimes not so much.

Luckily the bowl skidded across the floor about as carefully as it could have. Phew. no harm done.

So, I remounted the bowl (and its attached block to the bigger block), and chose to wait until today to finish turning the inside of teeny tiny bowl #2. Maple Burl, Yellow Heart and Pink Ivory. Here it is just prior to parting off, and sanding the bottom. The glue lines held perfectly. Not even a whimper.

Super, don’tcha think?


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