Third day in the super cold shop… and I might be able to put off getting that heater pad for in front of the lathe. My wife got me a pair of these insoles, and My feet have been nice and comfortable all day. – working in a very cold basement, and then later in my garage after the sun went down. Yesterday I had a pair of fleece socks on over my regular ones… and it wasn’t long before my toes were cold. No problems today!

Here is a section of Osage Orange, turned sideways (so you can see the growth rings on two sides). Sanded (and wet sanded) to 1000 grit) – even though it was really smooth to begin with. Now its like a polished semiprecious stone – which the grain patterns, colors and the chatoyance also reminds me of. Finished, appropriately with Howard’s Orange Oil and Beeswax.


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