The return of the Bubinga

Looks like I’m doing a turning a day!… not by design, but I’m not complaining. With two successful “30 projects in 30 days” under my belt (plus a 209 consecutive days, and counting, of geocache finds) I’ll just ride the wave and see where it takes me.

Quite literally the twin (fraternal, not identical obviously) of the one I posted the other day. Both are cut from the same block – which is the other half of the block of first Bubinga stopper I made a few years back. So then are they twins from within a set of triplets? Whatever.

Anyhow… I had prepped this block the other day, and set out to make something equally nice, but not similar to the other one – as I am slowly filling up a box to send off to the gallery I’m selling some work in. I’m trying to mix it up, and offer up a nice variety… all the while working on defining what my style might be. (That is if letting the wood speak for itself isn’t enough)

This will be the last of the Bubinga projects as I am (faster than I would like) working through some of the great blanks I’ve acquired through sale, trade or the generosity of fellow Lumberjocks. – I do have a small tree worth of Peach that came down in my front yard in a freak October blizzard. Plus some of the neighbors apple trees that suffered a similar fate. Talk about local lumber!… but it’s still quite wet, so I carved out a spot in the shop to hide that in to dry for now. But I did notice that some of the Ash and Civil War era maple from our last house I’ve been hanging onto is nice and dry. Hardly exotic, but cool in their own right.

I’m really like getting back into the practice of turning daily. My sharpening skills are getting better again, I’ve streamlined the set up around my lathe a little… plus it’s nice to have something to show at the end of a visit to the shop, no matter how short. (Today was about 50+ degrees out) projected to be the warmest day of the coming week or so. Practically balmy, by recent weather averages. I didn’t even turn on the radiant quartz heater just behind me.


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