30 Project in 30 days – Unofficial three-peat?

So here I am on Day 8 of what may, or may not be a run of thirty projects in 30 days. 30 new projects from scratch all started, and completed within the span of a month. This time, not limiting myself to a standard “30 day month” (April, June, November…) but just starting when I happened to begin, and will ride it out for as long as I can.

More to the point, I’m getting a new batch of salable projects ready for the gallery, plus a little backlog for the following shipment. ALSO doing what I can to get the shop cleaned up a bit. and in very little time devoted to that, I’ve already moved out a carload of well seasoned firewood to my sisters house (and came home with a new (to me) scroll saw!.. I also have a significantly cleaner space than I ever had in the past six months. Is that really floor space?! It’s also nice to get out in the shop in defiance of the weather. Last year I just pretended the shop didn’t exist… it worked for a while, then I got really antsy. So far, a radiant quartz heater, new sock liners for my boots, and layers of sweatshirts and fleece are keeping me perfectly comfortable.

The “week” so far, yes its a bunch of the same (but when the gallery sells stoppers, and asks for more. Well…

Click for details: Desert Ironwood stopper

Click for details: Bubinga! (not to be confused with Bazinga)

Click for details: Osage Stopper

Click for details: Wood you like some wine?

Click for details: The return of the Bubinga

Click for details: Mesquite, meet wine.

Click for details: Juniper

Click for details: Chestnut stopper

(is the “instant gratification” of the lathe ruining me for other projects?… well, I suppose I’ll take what I can get when the days are short and the temps are very LOW. Still not cold enough yet to get me to throw in the towel!
But I am running low on stopper hardware. Something else will be on looming on the horizon very shortly!


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