One of these oaks is not like the other

Not about to turn another simple oak stopper (right on the heels of another one)… unless theres something remarkable about it.

This oak sure must have grown under tremendous stress. I’m calling it “figured oak” though that might not be the proper terminology. (Maple has varying degrees and descriptions, some other woods seem to have less so)

It’s not a burl (I got it off the firewood pile, courtesy of my father-in-law. It didn’t travel far before I began milling it into something fairly rectangular.) But there is surely a lot of figure in the grain.
It might be hard to tell in these pictures, but the grain is “squiggly” on the quarter sawn faces, almost like it was crushed vertically. Not apparent on the face grain.

Just to compare it against yesterdays oak stopper (on the right).

I’ve already made a couple stoppers with this wood. (And I think I might have traded some of it with a fellow LJ, either in the traveling pen blank/kit box from a few years back, or for something more exotic (to me) from across the country.)

This really shows off the squiggliness of the grain.

(third from the left) – I put this stopper in the gallery already, but lately I’ve come to think that simpler shapes with very interesting or showy woods are probably better.
K.I.S.S., right?

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