Walnut and Cherry Guitar Pick

One of my “someday” projects is to make a guitar… Not that I have to wait to make it, per se, but it would make more sense if I could actually play it by the time I finish. So rather than keep thinking it’ll be a someday project, I decided to start small 😉

Two ply for added strength. Walnut on one side, cherry on the other. The hardest part was sanding it with almost nothing to hold onto! I did manage to get off all the glue squeeze out without deforming the overall shape too much.

Intentionally left unfinished. As it will surely get a nice patina from being manhandled, and any finish on the business end would suffer much abuse.

So, rather than still saying “someday”… I’ve taken out my “low milage” acoustic guitar I got (way) back in college, and have started taking lessons! I don’t expect this pick to last half as long as it takes me to get around to building my own guitar… but at least I’m moving forward!

One thought on “Walnut and Cherry Guitar Pick

  1. That’s a great idea. It’s much fancier than the plastic ones in the store. I just started playing guitar in January, and I am definitely going to try this idea.

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