Setting up shop. again.

3rd shop in under 3 years, and the space just keeps getting better!

At least potentially. (Yeah, the quick move has left things in a bit of a state.)


My first shop started from scratch. Evolving on its own in the basement with lots of obstacles, not the least of which being a mere six feet of headroom. But it saw lots of growth and changes over time.

A couple years back I moved above ground, and got way more headroom in the garage when we moved. Granted I had to share space with the lawnmower, bikes and implements of yard destruction that were previously relegated to the shed (That, ironically was more than 1/2 full of lumber.)

This month, I find myself inhabiting a new, slightly bigger garage with even more headroom, ready to be insulated and configured however I want. The previous shop already had built in shelving and workbenches built in on every wall surface. Some of it practical, some less so. But, we knew we wouldn’t be staying put too long, so I made the best of it.

So with a new garage, with more headroom, and less on the walls (and a full, rather than partial loft overhead), now I can create the storage and shop furniture I really want!

But now that I’m not crouching down to avoid hitting my head, dancing around poles, lolly columns and ladders, or squirreling away lumber in all the hard to reach nooks and crannies… what do I really want?

Well, I’m excited to see if the third time is the charm, or at least how things evolve from here. I’m also pretty determined to turn all this wood into projects so I don’t have to lug it around for a fourth move – whenever that may be. But until then, things need to be shuffled around a bit as I find/make the homes for them… but first, lets get this place insulated so I’m not suffering, or absent, come winter.


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