Here we go again

30 projects in 30 days! (re-redux).

I’m sitting on a shop that is still suffering from moving pains, and I have two galleries needing some more of my wares for sale. Christmas is coming, not to mention NH Open Doors. So I should be too busy to take on a challenge of this nature. But what could be better to help focus my attentions on getting things accomplished before the snow starts flying (already doing better than last year on that score!)

I missed the “official” sign up on the 30 in 30 site I registered with last time, but with blogging here, project posting on Lumberjocks and cross posting on Facebook and LJ’s, I’m basically in for the same ride.

Got a good start on Day 1.


Backstory: Last november I attempted to make 100 turned mini picture frame ornaments. I sold a few, but still have a lot of them waiting to be turned into something… which was the inspiration for todays piece. Using one as a lid for a small ring box. While the lid may not fit the parameters of the challenge in my mind – The box is entirely new. That is to say, salvaged mahogany, turned fresh this evening. 1 3/8″ tall, 2.25 diameter. initially created with a mahogany lid in mind… but the more I look at it, I’m liking the contrast with the lighter mesquite better. the grain and tone match nicely. the box is still unfinished, I’m leaning towards shellac – to bring out the chatoyance of the grain, which I’ll do this weekend, when I have a few more projects ready for finishing. Photos to follow…

but until then, here is todays offering, with a choice of tops. Thoughts?




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