30 in 30, days 1-3

small mahogany box, mesquite lid

So I’m a sucker for challenges. A few years back, the ‘Couch to 5k’ program got me running again after many years on the D.L. Last year I took on a “consecutive days of Geocaching adventure.” (think high-tech scavenger hunt if you’ve never heard of it) I started out attempting 30, then 100 days in a row, which fulfilled a couple of challenges I was going for. Then it was onward to 189 so I would surpass my record of days without geocaching. Yes, when I started I was a fair-weather cacher. I continued on, one day at a time to 365, and beyond. Despite the weather – plenty of rain, a freak October Blizzard, and a hurricane – I got out, and bit by bit, inched forward to each next milestone. The challenge became a habit. Just another part of my daily routine. And this is the goal I have in mind with this challenge.

Having already successfully completed a couple 30 projects in 30 days, and knowing how much that challenge can take over my life (as in, all my free time, whether physical or mental) – not just finding the time to make art, but even moreso having to document it also. I’m approaching this one differently. Sure it’s a great opportunity to get some things done. (Presents for friends and family. Items for the Etsy store or one of the two galleries selling my wares.) Its a great time to force myself to try some new things. A good opportunity to dust off some skills – sharpening anyone?

But more than that, its the opportunity to make projects, and art, part of my daily routine, without sacrificing all the other stuff I need, or want to do.

Thursday, November first, I headed out into the workshop after work, and with no plans or preconceived notions, I spied these old ornaments I’d made and decided the would make great lids for small boxes. I found a suitable piece of mahogany, and started turning a box to go with it. I debated between (and ended up refinishing) three different lids for this first box I made. I took a few photos, then sat down for a little Phineas and Ferb with my little one after dinner. The project post could wait.

mahogany boxes, with assorted lids

lids on

switch lids, they become whole new boxes

oak box with figured oak lid

I turned the next two boxes after running 5k. Before the run, I helped dad install a big new window in the dining room. I guess that counts as a project too, right?


So, here is the crux of this months challenge… getting out into the shop, not just to make art. To build and to create. Finish all the have-to, and get the creative juices flowing with the want to. To get projects off the to-do list. To never again fall victim to the gravitational pull of the couch. To get the workshop up and running, and evolving. Can I whip out 30 projects in 30 days? Piece of cake… can I make making a habit? I intend to.

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