days 8-10


Between all the requisite taxi service during this, the last week of play rehearsals. The little one is an orphan in Oliver! I’ve had a little time to sneak out into the garage and make quite a lot of sawdust in a short period of time firing up the router and lathe.

I’ve added the upper shelves, with removable hardboard dividers to one of the big storage cabinets.

I’ve also turned a couple more tool handles. Oak, and Mesquite. to join the Osage Orange set I’d made already.
The osage was from the log I milled a couple weeks ago, the oak from some old pallet. I managed to find a section without any hardware remaining – you can still see some of the nail holes. Speaking of holes, the mesquite piece, was long enough for a couple muddlers, but had lots of worm holes through it, and seemed less than perfect for a kitchen project. but a gorgeous addition for the shop!

After inquiring about whether or not those “new” replaceable carbide tipped chisels were a good investment, I’d discovered nothing short of enthusiasm from my fellow Lumberjocks, as well as resources for sharpening the disposable tips. (which are good for up to 80 hours of use – I can’t get one project done without heading back to resharpen the old chisels I have once or twice) I also found lots of directions for making ones own chisels too, as well as other turners doubling as machinists for hire for about 1/2 price, and all I’d need to do is turn my own handle.. or for the cost of a tap and die, some tool steel I can have a nice 130-150 tool for under $20! sounds good to me.

This months tally of projects completed/in progress – 3/11
3 boxes, 4 tool handles (roughed), 2 large cabinets
1 large window installed,  1 mallet, 1 muddler

But, my goal this month is to complete at least 30, not make and post one every day. Projects on deck: boxes, muddlers, bottle stoppers (need hardware), pens (ditto), tool holders, puzzles, jigs and more! (like hanging more shop lighting while I’m out there, a little more winterizing to be done, floor space to reclaim… from junk, and now, sawdust!)

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