I had a great time at ‘Not Your Grandmothers Craft Fair’ today.  Muddlers, Bottlestoppers, and ornaments found a new home (or will come Christmas morning!)

I still have plenty of inventory left, and will be dividing it betwen Etsy, The Mountainside Gallery in Dover, VT, and Accents with Style in Wilton, NH in the coming week or so. Give them a visit if you’re in the area, or check back here, or on my Etsy store if you aren’t…

But in the meantime, Here’s some of what’s available before I get everything divvied up and posted.


Sorry to say that I won’t be taking any more custom ring orders in time for Christmas this year, as we are packing up house and home (and shop) and will be moving a bit further down the road than our last move. Once things settle out (or more likely a bit sooner than that) the sawdust will be flying again,… but until then take a look, and message me if something catches your fancy.

First to call “dibs” gets first choice… but no reason not to speak up now! (c’mon, give me one less thing to have to move) 😉


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