This Handmade Life

Thanks to the information and inspiration from Lumberjock extraordinaire, Mark Decou, I also took the handmade pledge. Read Marks post on the subject:, its a good read.

(go ahead, I’ll wait.)

Ok, I took the handmade pledge, and opened up my own Etsy store. So in addition to all the projects and posting I’ve been doing at LJ, I’m going to focus some more energies back on the blog that got me (invited!) to Lumberjocks. (Did I say thanks recently Martin?).

I also have set up a Facebook page as a companion to my “regular blog”. It was created exclusively for my 30 in 30 challenge, but has become a very useful tool to connect with the public, friends and family interested in my art, and useful in that I can keep that as a seperate identity from my personal facebook page. Become a fan and get (infrequent) updates of future events and offerings, like the (proverbial) follow up to my 30 projects in 30 days challenge. And/or follow me on twitter for more frequent, albeit shorter, snippets of the goings on in the shop.

Mark has seen an increase in his traffic from the purchasing public via LJ’s…which goes to show you never know the path someone will take to find you. I have a small cache of goods already posted to my shop, and have a few sales to boot!

Handmade craft has never been so high-tech!


Here are a few links to Friends and Families sites, (plus one of my own), all offering up quality handmade items (and/or content), across the marketplace.

House and Home:
Blanchard Creative Woodworking Pens, Jewelry, Treenware, boxes and ….
Cabaup Knife and Tool, – Hand forged carbon steel knives and tools
Claudia Mills, Weaver – Contemporary Handwoven Rugs

In the Kitchen:
Half-Pint Ice Cream Seattle Area Farmers Markets
High Flavor, Low Labor – Okay, so the cookbook isn’t homemade, but the content is. (and delicious)
Kindred Wines


Shop Local, shop handmade… keep your dollars in your community, support the passioned makers in all areas of the marketplace. Give gifts of, and fill your home with, unique, interesting and diverse pieces. From art to clothing, housewares to food. Eschew the mass-produced, throw-away culture.


Putting my money where my mouth is
Functional art in the home, purchased, and gifts from our ever so creative friends and extended family. Yes, and some of my own.

This artisan house, blog series (with pictures) at


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