the old drawing board

Last Updated: August, 2008.

one resolution, as posted in my interview over at lumberjocks, is to actually complete projects when I start them, rather than just taking them to 80 or 90%…. hence the additions to the list … perhaps getting it down will give me the motivation (now to carve out the time…)

Current Projects: (the ones that I’m actually doing,.. or thinking about)

  1. “a very homemade Christmas”
  2. mini bowls
  3. 5 “pay it forward” things
  4. sketchbook full of ideas to hone for next 30 projects in 30 days challenge

On Deck (poised and ready, gathering dust):

  1. 21 Boxes “class”- 3/21 done
  2. “feet” for friends salvaged movie theatre seat Brainstorming – the legs are really close together
  3. puzzle box no. 2
  4. “good” tool storage box/chest

House Projects started, or pending

  1. NONE, we sold the house!

On the back burner (started, or progress made but otherwise on hold):

  1. Lilac Table lamp – lilac from the side yard. In Progress (building steam box – box done, need to rig up the mechanicals, and arrange filming for a video post.
  2. outdoor ash bench – from tree taken down in 2005 Started (downgraged from In Progress) likely to be removed from list

(the likely to get made someday list – you know, when nothing else inspires):

  1. Adirondack style love seat with table
  2. Arts and Crafts Chair
  3. birdhouse for garden
  4. headboard for my daughters bed – next house: Daybed out of Church pew.
  5. kitchen whisk/tongs
  6. lamp no. 2 (found maple log to use)
  7. marking knife
  8. Natural edged kitchen cart/island/bar (got a pine top 7/3/06) – and I  got a walnut top too!)
  9. pens, pens, pens
  10. planes
  11. Stools for Pub table (table completed winter 2006)
  12. (something) timberframed
  13. trivet “frame” for tile Mom made for us
  14. turned wine glasses
  15. turned wine glasses tribute to Picasso
  16. various “treasure chests”
  17. vinyard table (folding round game/wine table)
  18. wine box
  19. wooden whisk – from top of Christmas tree
  20. debate lowering pub table to a shorter height. (wait until next house)

Completed, and posted!

  1. Shelving unit for plastic project envelopes at work Summer ’06
  2. screwdriver (first of many) Dec ’06
  3. Dads desk organizer Feb ’07
  4. 21 box project #1 little cherry box Mar ’07
  5. wooden kitchen tongs Mar ’07
  6. 21 box project #2 poplar box Mar ’07
  7. Spinning Squirrel Feeder Mar ’07
  8. Screwdrivers second generation, April 07
  9. Pens – first batch, Rosewood, April 07
  10. 21 box project #3 recipe box April ’07
  11. Greene and Greene Table, for Lumberjocks/Popular Woodworking Contest May 07
  12. in-laws porch – finish interior (trim, etc..) July ’07 except for the blogging
  13. Pens – second batch – Pirate Oak! July ’07
  14. Arbor/Trellis for garden July ’07 LJ Contest Entry
  15. replace clapboard siding – remove old windows, replace cellar door Done 10/17/07 except for the blogging
  16. bookshelf (built-in) for daughters bedroom 2/15/08
  17. Better shop storage 2/08
  18. wine bottle stoppers First two 3/1/08
  19. more stoppers April 08
  20. Storage shelves in Laundry room March 08
  21. Table Saw sled March 08
  22. Grinding Jig March 08
  23. Pen blank drilling jig March 08
  24. pens, pens, pens (LJ swaps) March 08
  25. Bamboo pen March o8
  26. Mechanical Pencil March o8
  27. Tore out/replaced Cellar Stairs – Done April 08 except for the blogging
  28. rustic, turned mallet for shop complete as-is, thanks to this one Rob gave me for Christmas

6 thoughts on “the old drawing board

  1. Nice blog! Your list is awful short, isn’t it? I’ve got two years of wooodworking magazines(3 subscriptions) and several spiral binders of plans off of the internet that I hope to build one day. The only problem is that I don’t think that God is going to give me another four hundred years in which it will take to do it. If you’d like my blog is at: It’s not as nice as yours and Frank’s, but your sites are a goal I’m shooting for for mine.

  2. Thanks Mark!

    Well, sure the list may seem short, that’s because I’m leaving off all the things I’ve already started before I made this list, (that still aren’t quite done – I blame parenthood, and blogging :), That plus all all the marked pages in all the magazines… I fear If I add to many things they’ll just overwhelm. That, or shifting priorities of the items on the list is keeping me from them.

    Perhaps I should add any other “delayed projects in progress” to motivate me to wrap those up? and see if I can’t keep the list to a manageble number. Not by want of fewer things to do, but by actually accomplishing them!

    Good luck with your blog – keep at it and it’ll surely evolve into what you’d like it to be (I’ve had a few under my belt prior to this one, which has certainly helped.)

  3. Scott: You oughta move that turned mallet right up onto the Current Projects. It’s a fun time and should only take an afternoon. I went to a friends house to teach them what little I know about turning, and they did this turned mallet just after lunch (I arrived at 10, left at 4, and we took the morning to practice beads and coves with 1 1/2 hour lunch). Fun times.

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